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The owner of this website, Monday Q Info 2 LLC. and its affiliates and subsidiaries (“we,” “us,” or “our”), value and respect yourprivacy. This Privacy Policy (the “Policy”) details our practicesin collecting, using, disclosing, and otherwise processing your personalinformation, as well as the choices you have regarding such personalinformation. For additional information about the choices you have regardingyour personal information, please review Section 6. Your Privacy Choices,and Section 13. Additional PrivacyInformation for Certain Jurisdictions. 

If you are a resident of California, please also refer to Section 13.2. AdditionalPrivacy Information for California Residents for informationabout the categories of personal information we collect and your rights underCalifornia privacy laws.Byusing our Services (as defined below), you agree that your personal informationwill be handled as described in this Policy. Your use of our Services and anydispute over privacy are subject to this Policy and our Terms and Conditions,available at, including their applicable terms governinglimitations on damages and the resolution of disputes.

Table of Contents
1.    Scope
2.    Personal Information Collected
3.    Purposes of Collecting and Processing
4.    Disclosures of Personal Information
5.    Cookies and Tracking Technologies
6.    Your Privacy Choices
7.    External Links and Features
8.    Retention
9.    Security
10.  Children’s Privacy
11.  Policy Updates
12.  Contact Us
13.  Additional PrivacyInformation for Certain Jurisdictions
1. United States
2. Additional Privacy Information for California Residents

1.     Scope
Exceptas otherwise described below, this Policy applies to the personal informationwe collect and process related to: visitors of our website(s)s where thisPolicy is posted, including (the “Sites”); individuals who use,access, download, or otherwise interact or engage with the products, tools,services, or features available through our Sites; individuals who register foror participate in our events, surveys, research, or promotions; individuals whosubscribe to receive news, information, and other communications from us;current, former, and prospective business partners, vendors, and serviceproviders; and individuals who communicate or otherwise interact or engage withus or the services available through our Sites or other online services(collectively referred to as the “Services”).2.    Personal Information CollectedAsfurther described below, we may collect personal information directly from you,automatically through your use of our Services, and from other, third-partysources.Personal Information CollectedDirectly from You. While the personal information we may collect varies dependingupon your use of our Services and our interactions with you, in general, we maycollect the following personal information directly from you: ·      Contact Information. When you contact us,including if you send us a message or sign up to learn more about our Services,we may collect your name, email address, phone number, or other similaridentifiers, as well as your message, the nature of your inquiry, and any otherinformation you so choose to provide.·      Communications and Interactions. When you email, call, orotherwise communicate with us, we may collect and maintain records of yourcommunications and interactions, and our responses, if applicable. We may alsomaintain communication records regarding information you provide to us relatedto any Support Requests.·      Payments and Purchases. When you make apurchase or payment through the Services, we may collect purchase and paymentinformation in order to process your payment, such as your credit card numberand applicable billing address. We may also maintain records about your pastpurchases.·      Professional Information. We may collect personalinformation related to your professional occupation, such as job role or title,professional contact details, licensing and qualifications, and other similarinformation.·      Responses and Feedback. If you participate insurveys, questionnaires, or research conducted by us or on our behalf, such asfor user satisfaction or other similar purposes, we may collect your responsesand feedback, and any other information you choose to provide.·      Events and Registration Details. We may collect personalinformation related to your participation in our events as well as otherrequests that you submit to us related to our Services. For example, if youregister for or attend an event that we host or sponsor, we may collectinformation related to your registration for and participation in suchevent. Personal Information Collectedfrom Third Parties. We may also collect and receive certain personal informationabout you from third-party sources, such as from data analytics and marketingproviders, public databases, joint marketing partners, social media platforms,or other third parties. ·      Lead and Prospect Information. We may receive lead andprospect information from third parties about prospective customers who may beinterested in our Services. We may also engage with third parties to enhance orupdate our customer information. For example, we may receive certain personalinformation about you from data analytics and marketing providers for marketingand advertising purposes, and for purposes of reaching new customers.·      Third Party Platforms. If you post informationabout us or engage with us on third party platforms, such as social mediaplatforms, we may collect personal information about you from that third partyplatform.Personal Information CollectedAutomatically. We and our third-party service providers may automaticallycollect or derive certain personal information about you related to yourinteraction with our Services, including through the use of cookies, pixeltags, web beacons, and similar technologies. The personal information we mayautomatically collect includes:·      Activities, Usage, and Log Data. Information about yourusage of our Services, such as your IP address, access dates and times,hardware and software information, viewed pages, clicked links, searches,features used, items viewed, time spent within the Services, your interactionswith us within the Services, and other activity and usage information.·      Device and Browser Information. Details about the deviceyou use to access our Services, including the hardware model, operating system,browser type, language, unique device identifiers, Internet service provider,referring and exiting URLs, clickstream data, operating system, and similardevice and browser information.·      Location Data. Approximate or generallocation data from your device.Formore information about our use of cookies and other similar technologies,please see Section 5. Cookies and TrackingTechnologies below.3.    Purposes for Collection andProcessingGenerally,we may collect, use, disclose, and otherwise process the information we collectfor several purposes, including:·      Services and Support. To provide and operateour Services, process transactions, communicate with you about your use of theServices, respond to your inquiries, provide troubleshooting, technicalsupport, or for similar support purposes, and to otherwise run our day-to-dayoperations.·      Analytics and Improvement. To better understand howusers access and use the Services, and for other research and analyticalpurposes, such as to evaluate and improve the Sites, our Services, and businessoperations, including to develop our Services and their features, and for internalquality control and training purposes.·      Communication. To respond to yourinquiries or questions, fulfill your requests, and send you requested materialsand newsletters, as well as information and materials regarding our Services.We may also use this information to send administrative information to you, forexample, information regarding the Services and changes to our terms,conditions, and policies, as well as technical notices, security alerts, andsupport and administrative messages.·      Customization andPersonalization. To tailor content we may send or display on the Services,including to offer location customization and to otherwise personalize yourexperiences and offerings.·      Marketing and Advertising. For marketing,advertising, and promotional purposes. For example, to send you promotionalinformation about our Services, including information about events and newofferings, as well as any other information that you may sign up to receive.·      Research and Surveys. To administer surveysand questionnaires, such as for market research or user satisfaction purposes.·      Planning and ManagingEvents. For event planning and management, including registration,attendance, connecting you with other event attendees, and contacting you aboutrelevant events and Services. ·      Security and Protection ofRights.To protect the Services and our business operations, our rights and those ofour stakeholders and investors, to prevent and detect fraud, unauthorizedactivities and access, and other misuse of our Sites and Services, includingwhere we believe necessary to investigate, prevent or take action regardingillegal activities, suspected fraud, situations involving potential threats tothe safety or legal rights of any person or third party, or violations of ourTerms and Conditions. ·      Compliance and Legal Process. To comply withapplicable legal or regulatory obligations, including as part of a judicialproceeding, to respond to a subpoena, warrant, court order, or other legalprocess, or as part of an investigation or request, whether formal or informal,from law enforcement or a governmental authority.·      Auditing, Reporting, and OtherInternal Operations. To conduct financial, tax and accounting audits, audits andassessments of our operations, including our privacy, security, and financialcontrols, as well as for risk and compliance purposes. We may also use personalinformation to maintain appropriate business records and enforce our policiesand procedures.·      General Business andOperational Support. To assess and implement mergers, acquisitions,reorganizations, bankruptcies, and other business transactions such asfinancings, and to administer our business, accounting, auditing, compliance,recordkeeping, and legal functions.4.    Disclosures of PersonalInformation Wemay disclose the personal information we collect for the purposes describedabove, and as otherwise directed or consented to by you, to the followingrecipients:·      Affiliates and Subsidiaries. We may disclose thepersonal information we collect to our corporate affiliates and subsidiaries.·      Business Partners. We may disclose yourpersonal information to our business partners, including our technologypartners, software solution providers, security companies that help us provideour Services to you.·      Business Clients. Any data that wecollect and process on behalf of a business client will be disclosed to thebusiness client and otherwise shared as directed by that business client.·      Vendors and Services Providers. We may disclose thepersonal information we collect to vendors and service providers who performfunctions on our behalf, such as IT and website hosting, marketing andmarketing research providers, customer support, data storage, auditors,consultants, and legal counsel.·      Data Analytics Providers. We may disclose yourpersonal information, such as device and browsing, and activities and usageinformation, and other similar information to marketing and data analyticsproviders for marketing, research, analytical, and other similar purposes.·      Other Third Parties. In some circumstances,we may also disclose personal information to other third parties, such associal networks, internet service providers, operating systems and platforms,and others throughout the course of our general business operations.Wemay also disclose your personal information in the following circumstances:·      In Support of BusinessTransfers. If we are, or may be acquired by, merged with, or invested inby another company, or if any of our assets are or may be transferred toanother company, whether as part of a bankruptcy or insolvency proceeding orotherwise, we may disclose or transfer the personal information we havecollected from you to the other company in accordance with applicable laws. Wemay also disclose certain personal information as necessary prior to thecompletion of such a transaction or other corporate transaction such as afinancing or restructuring, to lenders, auditors, and third-party advisors,including attorneys and consultants.·      Compliance and LegalObligations. We may also disclose personal information to third parties tothe extent required by applicable law and legal obligations. For example, wemay disclose information in response to subpoenas, court orders, and otherlawful requests by regulators, government entities, and law enforcement,including responding to national security or law enforcement disclosurerequirements, or as otherwise required by law or legalprocess.   ·      Security and Protection ofRights.Where we believe doing so is necessary to protect the Services, our rights andproperty, or the rights, property, and safety of others. For example, we maydisclose personal information (i) to prevent, detect, investigate, and respondto fraud, unauthorized activities and access, illegal activities, and misuse ofthe Services, (ii) in situations involving potential threats to the health,safety, or legal rights of any person or third party, or (iii) to enforce,detect, investigate, and take action in response to violations of our Terms andConditions. We may also disclose personal information related to litigation andother legal claims or proceedings in which we are involved, as well as for ourinternal accounting, auditing, compliance, recordkeeping, and legal functions.·      Other Disclosures. We may disclose personalinformation in other ways not described above that we notify you of or that weobtain your consent for, that are otherwise authorized or required by law, orthroughout the course of our general business operations.Notwithstandinganything else described in this Policy, we may disclose aggregated,deidentified, or other non-identifiable data related to our business and theServices for quality control, analytics, research, development, and otherpurposes. 5.    Cookies and TrackingTechnologiesWeand our third-party service providers use cookies, pixels tags, web beacons,and other similar tracking technologies and mechanisms to automatically collectbrowsing, activity, device, and similar information within our Services. We usethis information to, for example, analyze and understand how users access, use,and interact with our Services, to identify and resolve bugs and errors in ourServices, to assess, secure, protect, optimize, and improve the performance ofour Services, as well as for marketing and analytics purposes, and topersonalize content in our Services. To manage your preferences regardingcookies and similar tracking technologies, please see Section 6. Your Privacy Choices. Cookies. “Cookies” are small textfiles stored on a user’s device (such as a computer or smartphone) by a websitethe user visits. They are created by the website’s server and sent to theuser’s browser, where they are stored for future reference. Some cookies allowus to make it easier for you to navigate our Services, while others support thesecurity and performance of the Services, allow us to serve better targetedadvertisements or allow us to track aggregate and statistical information aboutuser activity within the Services.Pixel Tags. Pixel tags (sometimescalled web beacons or clear GIFs) are tiny graphics with a unique identifier,similar in function to cookies. While cookies are stored locally on yourdevice, pixel tags are embedded invisibly within web pages and online content.We may use these in connection with our Services to, among other things, trackthe activities of users and help us manage content and compile usagestatistics. We may also use these in our emails to let us know when they havebeen opened or forwarded, so we can track response rates and gauge theeffectiveness of our communications.Third-Party Analytics. We may use automateddevices, applications, tools, and analytics which are operated by third-partycompanies to evaluate usage of our Services. These third-party companies mayuse cookies, pixels, and other tracking technologies to collect usage dataabout our Services and provide us with reports and metrics that help usevaluate usage of our Services and enhance performance and user experiences.Targeted Advertising. We work with thirdparties, such as ad networks, channel partners, mobile ad networks, analyticsand measurement services and others (“third-party ad companies”) to personalizecontent and display advertising within our Services, as well as to manage ouradvertising on third-party sites. We may share certain information with thesethird-party ad companies, and we and they may use cookies, pixels tags, andother tools to collect usage and browsing information within our Services, aswell as on third-party sites, and services, such as IP address, locationinformation, device ID, cookie and advertising IDs, and other identifiers, aswell as browsing information. We and these third-party ad companies use thisinformation to provide you with more you more relevant ads and content withinour Services and on third-party sites, and to evaluate the success of such adsand content.  Currently,our systems do not recognize browser “do-not-track” signals.6.    Your Privacy ChoicesManaging Your Preferences. We make availableseveral ways for you to manage your preferences and privacy choices, asdescribed below:Account and Profile Information. You can review andupdate some of the personal information we maintain about you by logging intoyour account and updating your account and profile information. You can alsoupdate certain preferences, such as your communication preferences, in youraccount.Marketing Communications. We may send periodicpromotional emails or other similar communications to you. You may opt -out ofthese communications by following the instructions provided to you in thecommunication. If you opt -out of receiving promotional content from us, we maystill send you communications about products, features, or services you haverequested from us. If you subscribe to receiving text messages from us, you canopt out by replying STOP to any text we send you.Cookie Preferences. To prevent cookies fromtracking your activity on our Sites or visits across multiple websites, you canset your browser to block certain cookies or notify you when a cookie is set.You can also delete cookies. The “Help” portion of the toolbar on most browserswill tell you how to prevent your device from accepting new cookies, how tohave the browser notify you when you receive a new cookie, or how to deletecookies. Visitors to our Sites who disable cookies will be able to browse theSites, but some features may not function properly. Your preferences arebrowser and device specific, which means that you need to set the preferencefor each browser and device you use to access our Services; in addition, if youdelete or block cookies, you may need to reapply these preferences.  Industry Ad ChoicePrograms. You can also control how participating third-party ad companiesuse the information that they collect about your visits to our website, andthose of third parties, in order to display more relevant targeted advertisingto you. For more information and to opt out of receiving targeted ads from participatingthird -party ad networks go to (Digital AdvertisingAlliance) (you can also download the DAA AppChoices tool in order to helpcontrol interest-based advertising on apps on your mobile device).7.    External Links and FeaturesOurServices may contain links to third -party websites or features or providecertain third -party connections or integrated services. Any access to and useof such linked websites, features, or third -party connections or integratedservices is not governed by this Policy, but instead is governed by the privacypolicies of those third parties. We are not responsible for the informationpractices of such third parties, including their collection, use, anddisclosure of your personal information. You should review the privacy policiesand terms for any third parties before proceeding to those websites or usingthose features or third -party connections or integrated services.8.    RetentionWeretain the personal information we collect only as reasonably necessary for thepurposes described above or otherwise disclosed to you at the time ofcollection. We may retain additional personal information as necessary tocomply with our tax, accounting, and recordkeeping obligations, to provide youwith the services you have requested, and to protect, defend or establish ourrights, defend against potential claims, and comply with our legal obligations.9.    Security Wehave implemented reasonable precautions designed to protect the information wecollect from loss, misuse, and unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, anddestruction. Please be aware that despite our best efforts, no data securitymeasures can guarantee security.10.  Children’s PrivacyOurServices are not intended for children, and we do not knowingly collectpersonal information from children under the age of thirteen (13). If wediscover that personal information has been collected from a child under 13,then we will take appropriate steps to delete this information. If you believewe might have collected your child’s information, please contact us.11.  Policy UpdatesThisPolicy is current as of the date set forth above. We may change, update, ormodify this Policy to reflect changes in our practices, services, or applicablelaws. We encourage you to review this page regularly for the latest updates. Ifwe make any changes to this Policy that materially affect our practicesregarding our use of the personal information we have previously collected fromyou, we will endeavor to provide you with notice, such as by emailing you or byposting prominent notice on our Sites or within the Services.12.  Contact UsForquestions about this Policy or our privacy practices, please contact us at:Email: Privacy@mondayqinfo.com13.  Additional Privacy Informationfor Certain Jurisdictions1. United StatesIfyou are a resident of California, please review Subsection B. AdditionalPrivacy Information for California Residents below for adescription of your rights pursuant to California privacy laws.Residentsof other U.S. states, including Colorado, Connecticut, Utah, and Virginia, haveadditional rights under applicable privacy laws, subject to certainlimitations, which may include:·      Correction:. tThe right to correctinaccuracies in their personal information, taking into account the nature andpurposes of the processing of the personal information.·      Deletion:. tTo delete theirpersonal information provided to or obtained by us.·      Access: to confirm whether weare processing their personal information and to obtain a copy of theirpersonal information in a portable and, to the extent technically feasible,readily usable format.·      Opt-Out: to opt out of certaintypes of processing, including:·      to opt out of the “sale” of their personal information.·      to opt out of targeted advertising by us.·      to opt out of any processing of personal information forpurposes of making decisions that produce legal or similarly significanteffects.Youmay submit a request to exercise most of your privacy rights under U.S. stateprivacy laws by contacting us at To opt out oftargeted advertising by us, you can adjust your cookies settings on yourdevice. (See Section 6. Your Privacy Choices foradditional information about the privacy choices we provide and how to exercisethem.) Wewill respond to your request as required under the applicable privacy law(s).If we deny your request, you may have the right to appeal our decision. Whereapplicable, you can submit your appeal by following the directions provided toyou during the request process. 2. Additional PrivacyInformation for California ResidentsThissubsection provides California residents with additional information regardingour collection, use and disclosure of their personal information, as well astheir privacy rights, under the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). Thissection does not address or apply to our handling of publicly availableinformation or other personal information that is exempt under theCCPA.  Categories of PersonalInformation Collected and Disclosed. While our processing of personalinformation varies based upon our relationship and interactions with you, thetable below identifies, generally, the categories of personal information (asdefined by the CCPA) that we have collected about California residents, as wellas the categories of third parties to whom we may disclose this information fora business or commercial purpose.  Categories of Personal  Information Collected    Description    Categories of Third Parties  To Whom Personal Information is Disclosed    Identifiers    Includes direct identifiers,  such as name, alias, user ID, and username; email address, phone number,  address and other contact information; IP address and other online identifiers;  and other similar identifiers.    ·        affiliates and subsidiaries  ·        advertising networks  ·        data analytics providers  ·        social networks  ·        internet service providers  ·        operating systems and platforms  ·        data brokers  ·        business customer/client  ·        business partners  ·        advisors and agents  ·        government entities and law enforcement  ·        others as required by law    Customer Records    Includes personal information  such as name, contact information, account number, and financial or payment  information.    ·        affiliates and subsidiaries  ·        advertising networks  ·        data analytics providers  ·        social networks  ·        internet service providers  ·        operating systems and platforms  ·        data brokers  ·        business customer/client  ·        business partners  ·        advisors and agents  ·        government entities and law enforcement  ·        others as required by law    Commercial Information    Includes records of products  or services purchased, obtained, or considered, or other purchasing or use  histories or tendencies.     ·        affiliates and subsidiaries  ·        advertising networks  ·        data analytics providers  ·        social networks  ·        internet service providers  ·        operating systems and platforms  ·        data brokers  ·        business customer/client  ·        business partners  ·        advisors and agents  ·        government entities and law enforcement  ·        others as required by law    Internet or Electronic  Network Activity Information    Includes browsing history,  clickstream data, search history, access logs and other usage data and  information regarding an individual’s interaction with our Sites, Services,  and our marketing emails and online ads.    ·        affiliates and subsidiaries  ·        advertising networks  ·        data analytics providers  ·        social networks  ·        internet service providers  ·        operating systems and platforms  ·        data brokers  ·        business customer/client  ·        business partners  ·        advisors and agents  ·        government entities and law enforcement  ·        others as required by law    Location Data    Location information about a  particular individual or device.    ·        affiliates and subsidiaries  ·        advertising networks  ·        data analytics providers  ·        social networks  ·        internet service providers  ·        operating systems and platforms  ·        data brokers  ·        business customer/client  ·        business partners  ·        advisors and agents  ·        government entities and law enforcement  ·        others as required by law    Audio, Video, and Electronic  Data    Includes audio, electronic,  visual, or similar information, such as CCTV footage (e.g., collected from  visitors to our premises), photographs and images (e.g., that you provide us  or post to your profile) and call recordings (e.g., of customer support  calls).    ·        affiliates and subsidiaries  ·        advertising networks  ·        data analytics providers  ·        social networks  ·        internet service providers  ·        operating systems and platforms  ·        data brokers  ·        business customer/client  ·        business partners  ·        advisors and agents  ·        government entities and law enforcement  ·        others as required by law    Professional information    Includes professional and  employment-related information (such as current and former employer(s) and  position(s), business contact information, and professional memberships or  licenses).    ·        affiliates and subsidiaries  ·        advertising networks  ·        data analytics providers  ·        social networks  ·        internet service providers  ·        operating systems and platforms  ·        data brokers  ·        business customer/client  ·        business partners  ·        advisors and agents  ·        government entities and law enforcement  ·        others as required by law    Education Information    Includes information about  education history or background that is not publicly available personally  identifiable information as defined in the federal Family Educational Rights  and Privacy Act (20 U.S.C. section 1232g, 34 C.F.R. Part 99).    ·        affiliates and subsidiaries  ·        advertising networks  ·        data analytics providers  ·        social networks  ·        internet service providers  ·        operating systems and platforms  ·        data brokers  ·        business customer/client  ·        business partners  ·        advisors and agents  ·        government entities and law enforcement  ·        others as required by law    Biometric Information    Includes physiological,  biological or behavioral characteristics that can be used alone or in  combination with each other to establish individual identity. For example, we  may collect and process fingerprints in connection with your employment  application.     ·        affiliates and subsidiaries  ·        advertising networks  ·        data analytics providers  ·        social networks  ·        internet service providers  ·        operating systems and platforms  ·        data brokers  ·        business customer/client  ·        business partners  ·        advisors and agents  ·        government entities and law enforcement  ·        others as required by law    Protected Classifications    Includes characteristics of  protected classifications under California or federal law such as race, sex,  sexual orientation, gender identity, age, religion, national origin,  disability, citizenship status, military/veteran status, marital status,  medical condition and information, and pregnancy.    ·        affiliates and subsidiaries  ·        advertising networks  ·        data analytics providers  ·        social networks  ·        internet service providers  ·        operating systems and platforms  ·        data brokers  ·        business customer/client  ·        business partners  ·        advisors and agents  ·        government entities and law enforcement  ·        others as required by law    Inferences    Includes inferences drawn  from other personal information that we collect to create a profile  reflecting an individual’s preferences, characteristics, predispositions,  behavior, attitudes, intelligence, abilities, or aptitudes.     ·        affiliates and subsidiaries  ·        advertising networks  ·        data analytics providers  ·        social networks  ·        internet service providers  ·        operating systems and platforms  ·        data brokers  ·        business customer/client  ·        business partners  ·        advisors and agents  ·        government entities and law enforcement  ·        others as required by law    Sensitive Personal  Information     Includes  Account log-in, financial  account, debit card, or credit card number in combination with any required  security or access code, password, or credentials allowing access to an  account.  Precise geolocation.    ·        affiliates and subsidiaries  ·        advertising networks  ·        data analytics providers  ·        social networks  ·        internet service providers  ·        operating systems and platforms  ·        data brokers  ·        business customer/client  ·        business partners  ·        advisors and agents  ·        government entities and law enforcement  ·        others as required by law  
 Sources of Personal Information. We may collect PersonalInformation from the following categories of sources: directly and indirectlyfrom you; affiliates and subsidiaries; advertising networks, data analyticsproviders, social networks, business partners; vendors and service providers, Internetservice providers; operations systems and platforms, government entities, databrokers, and customers.Purposes of Collection, Use,and Disclosure. As described above in Section 3. Purposes for Collection andProcessing and Section 4. Disclosures of Personal Information, in general, wemay collect, use, disclose, and otherwise process personal information for thefollowing business or commercial purposes and as otherwise directed orconsented to by you:·      Services and Support;·      Analytics and Improvement;·      Communication;·      Customization and Personalization;·      Marketing and Advertising;·      Research and Surveys;·      Planning and Managing Events;·      Security and Protection of Rights;·      Compliance and Legal Process; ·      Auditing, Reporting, and Other Internal Operations and·      General Business and Operational Support. Sensitive Personal Information. We do not collect, use,or disclose “sensitive personal information” beyond the purposes authorized bythe CCPA. Accordingly, we only use and disclose sensitive personal informationas reasonably necessary and proportionate: (i) to perform our servicesrequested by you; (ii) to help ensure security and integrity, including toprevent, detect, and investigate security incidents; (iii) to detect, preventand respond to malicious, fraudulent, deceptive, or illegal conduct; (iv) toverify or maintain the quality and safety of our services; (v) for compliancewith our legal obligations; (vi) to our service providers who perform serviceson our behalf; and (vii) for purposes other than inferring characteristicsabout you.Sales and Sharing of PersonalInformation. The CCPA defines “sale” as disclosing or making availablepersonal information to a third-party in exchange for monetary or othervaluable consideration, and “sharing” includes disclosing or making availablepersonal information to a third-party for purposes of cross-context behavioraladvertising.Wedo not sell or share personal information, including sensitive personalinformation or information about individuals who we know are under sixteenyears old.Whilewe do not disclose Personal Information to third parties in exchange formonetary compensation, we may “sell” or “share” (as defined by the CCPA)Personal Information, such as identifiers and internet and electronic networkactivity information to third -party ad networks, social networks, and dataanalytics providers. We do so in order to improve and evaluate our advertisingcampaigns and to better reach customers and prospective customers with morerelevant ads and content.Retention. We retain thepersonal information we collect only as reasonably necessary for the purposesdescribed above or otherwise disclosed to you at the time of collection and asotherwise necessary to comply with our legal obligations, resolve disputes,maintain appropriate business records, and enforce our agreements. In somecases we may aggregate or de-identify information, such that it is no longerlinked or reasonably linkable to you, and we may maintain such non-identifiableinformation indefinitely.Privacy Rights for CaliforniaResidents. The CCPA provides California residents with specific rightsregarding personal information. Subject to certain conditions and exceptions,California residents have the following rights with respect to their personalinformation:·      Right to Know. You have the right torequest: (i) the categories or personal information we collected about you;(ii) the categories of sources from which the personal information iscollected; (iii) our business or commercial purposes for collecting, selling,or sharing personal information; (iv) the categories of third parties to whomwe have disclosed personal information; and (v) a copy of the specific piecesof personal information we have collected about you.·      Right to Delete. You have the right torequest we delete personal information we have collected from you.·      Right to Correct. You have the right torequest that we correct inaccuracies in your personal information.·      Right to Opt -Out of Sales and Sharing. You have the rightto opt -out of “sales” and “sharing” of your personal information, as thoseterms are defined under the CCPA. We do not sell or share your personalinformation, thus this right is not available to you.·      Right to Limit Use and Disclosure. You have the right tolimit use and disclosure of your sensitive personal information. We do not useor disclose sensitive personal information beyond the purposes authorized bythe CCPA; thus, this right is not available to California residents.·      Right to Non-Discrimination. You have the right not to besubjected to discriminatory treatment for exercising any of the rightsdescribed in this section.Submitting Privacy Requests. California residents mayexercise their CCPA privacy rights as set forth below:·      Right to Know, Delete, Correct, [and Limit]. California residents maysubmit verifiable requests to access/know, delete, and correct their personalinformation [as well as request to limit the use and disclosure of theirpersonal information] by emailing us at If you submit a requestto access/know, correct, delete, [or limit the use/disclosure of] your personalinformation, we will take steps to verify your request by matching theinformation provided by you with the information we have in our records. Wewill process your request based upon the personal information in our recordsthat is linked or reasonably linkable to the information provided in yourrequest. In some cases, we may request additional information in order toverify your request or where necessary to process your request.Authorized Agent. You may also designatesomeone as an authorized agent to submit requests and act on your behalf.Authorized agents will be required to provide proof of their authorization intheir first communication with us, and we may also require that the relevant consumerdirectly verify their identity and the authority of the authorized agent.·      Right to Opt -Out of Sales and Sharing. To exercise your rightto opt -out of the “sale” or “sharing” of your personal information, you may doso via our cookie preference manager. We will apply your opt out based upon thepersonal information in our records that is linked or reasonably linkable tothe information provided in your request. You may also click the “DoNot Sell or Share My Personal Information” link at the bottom ofour Sites. In addition, if we detect that your browser or device istransmitting an opt-out preference signal, such as the “global privacy control”or “GPC” signal, we will opt that browser or device out of cookies that resultin a “sale” or “sharing” of your personal information. If you come to our Sitesor use our Services from a different device or from a different browser on thesame device, you will need to opt -out, or use an opt-out preference signal,for that browser and/or device as well. More information about GPC is availableat:]